About us

Lucky Pause, LLC is an independent video game company, dedicated to creating unique, personal games, richly detailed and atmospheric. We believe in video games as art, and we hope to create games that offer insight, new perspectives, and emotional and thought-provoking adventures.

Lucky Pause, LLC launched in 2012, in Santa Monica, California.

barrett meeker : creative director

Making video games was a lifelong dream of Lucky Pause founder Barrett Meeker. He grew up playing games and computer programming, loving games like Monkey Island, The Dig, and more recently Shadow of the Colossus. He was hired straight out of college to be an artist at Blur Studios in Venice, California, creating computer-generated (CG) art for commercials, video games, and film. Along the way he was lead artist on the Dante’s superbowl commercial, the Blur Goon pitch and co-directed the popular short film Grounded with Kevin Margo, winning awards around the world. After eight years at Blur and one year at a video game company, he decided to finally launch his own company.

morgan wyenn : communications director

By day, Morgan Wyenn is an attorney with the non-profit environmental organization, the Natural Resources Defense Council, where she focuses on cleaning up Southern California’s horrible air pollution. Evenings and weekends she is the communications director for Lucky Pause, helping us get the word out about our new company and games.

argon the dog : office manager

Argon manages all office operations with expert napping, barking, and slobbering skills. He is passionate about video games with dragons in them, playing fetch, and eating everything.