“Gorgeous in it’s gloom. Fascinating story. Outstanding artistic style. Very interesting and enjoyable puzzles. Beautiful, soothing music. I loved it. Sorry there aren’t more games like ‘Homesick’. I can’t say enough so I’ll just say… Bravo Lucky Pause. Bravo.”

Player Reviews

“This can make a grown man cry, 10/10, please make more games like this”

“The story, MY GOD THE STORY”

“Honestly, the best game I’ve ever played. 10/10 Highly recommended to literally everyone ever.”

“excellent game for everyone but also can help people who are depressed or down. therapeutic.”

“the ending left such an emotional impact on me that I cried, not because I was sad, but because I felt sort of… at peace, perhaps, for the game ending the way it did. I can’t describe it, it was a mixture of relief and happiness, but it was also bittersweet because of everything that I knew and everything that had preceded it. I’ve felt a LOT of different emotions playing games, but never quite something like this. It was amazing.”

Our Mission

We believe in creating games as meaningful experiences. Experiences that can leave a small but meaningful impact on the lives of our players. Games that creating feelings of empathy, wonder, and insights into our world.
Barrett Meeker
Creative Director
Art has the power to change the world. Our culture evolves through the stories we tell, the experiences we share and the empathy we gain for each other. At Lucky Pause we strive to make meaningful games that leave our players
Morgan Wyenn
Lead Writer