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Today is the day! Homesick is on Steam!

Hi everyone!

Today is the BIG day! Homesick is now for sale on Steam, for PC!

Here is a link to our Steam store page:

Bursting with excitement,
Barrett & Morgan

Release date, and new trailer!!

Hi everyone!

We have our release date!!!  Thursday, May 28, 2015 at 9 am PST!!

Mark your calendars!

And, one more thing: Here is our new trailer!

We are so excited!

– Barrett & Morgan

PAX East and the Indie MEGABOOTH!

Hi Everyone!

We were lucky enough to be selected to join the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX East this year, in Boston, March 6-8.  It is a pretty competitive process just to be accepted, and we were honored to be selected!

It was so amazing mind-blowing awesome, that we are still coming down from it!

Barrett made a dev diary video about it:

A big thank you to the awesome folks who organize the Indie MEGABOOTH, our good friends Tiffany, Shane, and Caldon that let us crash at their place for half of the time we were in Boston, and to all the amazing people we met at PAX!

– Barrett & Morgan


Hi everyone!

There are good days, and great days, and then some days you know you’ll remember forever as one of the best experiences of your life. We had one of those days yesterday.

We had the amazing good fortune to get to spend the day in the recording studio as our composer and her team recorded the score to Homesick.


Working with Composer and Pianist Heather Schmidt as she has been writing an original score for our game over the past several years has been on its own a really cool experience. It has been so rad to talk with her about the vibe, feeling, tone we are going for – and then she turns those concepts into beautiful and moving music. She nailed it, and we are in total awe of her.


For each song, she sends us a synth version of it, of her playing the music on a keyboard. We have been inserting these into the game as place holders, so if you have watched the trailer, or played the alpha as a tester, you have heard these synth-version tracks. Yesterday we recorded the real deal: the original score played live in the studio.

A few weeks ago our jaws dropped when Heather told us where we would be recording. The Barbra Streisand Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios. Which is known as the best scoring stage in the world. The Wizard of Oz, Lawrence of Arabia, Toy Story, and countless other epic scores were recorded there. And now Homesick! How we got to be so lucky, we will never know.


And, in addition to Heather playing the piano, Heather’s long-time friend, and wonderfully talented musician and music professor, Shauna Rolston played the cello. She flew down from Canada just for the recording session, and brought her beloved cello from the 1800s.


This was the first time we got to hear the score played with actual instruments, live. Not only that, Heather and Shauna are amazingly talented. It was beautiful. Heather and Shauna were in the sound stage, while we were sitting in the booth (which is actually more like a large room) with the extremely impressive and great to work with Sound Engineer, Adam Michalak. When Heather and Shauna started playing the first track, our hearts just stopped. It was incredible.

Homesick has been a huge part of our lives. We eat, breathe, and sleep this game. Our hopes, our dreams, our hearts are poured into it. Getting to hear the score come to life, in such a special place, played by such amazing musicians, mixed by such a skilled engineer … it was just magical. I wish you all got to be there with us to share in the experience, and we can’t wait until you get to hear it in the game.

We are forever grateful to Heather, Shauna, and Adam. We cannot thank you enough.

Although this won’t do it justice, we put together a quick little video to capture the day:

And here is a pic of the whole team:


(From left to right: Awesome Sound Technician Guy, Sound Engineer Adam Michalak, Composer and Pianist Heather Schmidt, Cellist Shauna Rolston, Barrett, Morgan)

Thank you all for being on this adventure with us!

– Barrett & Morgan

Happy New Year! High Res Screenshots!

Hi everyone!

We hope you all are having a wonderful and relaxing holiday!

We wanted to share high res versions of all the screenshots we have released so far, plus some new ones from our recently released Alpha video.  Here is the link.

Here are the new ones, that you can also find when you click on the link:






Thank you to all of you, for making our 2013 so AMAZING AWESOME!

Happy New Year!

– Barrett & Morgan

Copyright dispute is over!

We are happy to say that Joy Autumn’s legal attack on our videos is finally over.  Our video is already up on Kickstarter and should be up other places soon.  We are happy to be able to share our art again without further harassment.  Thanks everyone for your support during this very frustrating ordeal.

 Update on Nov. 11: Our teaser trailer is finally back up too!

Copyright Dispute – Teaser Trailer Music

Hi Everyone,

We unfortunately have upsetting news to share with you all.  As some of you may have heard already, we are in the middle of an ugly copyright dispute with Joy Autumn regarding the part of her song that is in our Teaser Trailer, Kickstarter, and About the Game videos.

Let us say at the outset that we would never steal from anyone.  We never have and we never will.  Joy’s claims are simply not true.  Back in January she gave us clear, written permission to use her song, and now nine months later, she is all of a sudden acting like that never happened and accusing us of stealing.

For those that are interested in the details, we are happy to share and we want to be as transparent about this whole situation as possible.

We asked Joy if she was interested in working with us on the music for Homesick way back in December, 2012.  At that point, we were brainstorming about different ideas for music for the game and were in discussions with a few different musicians we had heard of and thought might be a good fit.  Then we realized that Joy might be interested; Morgan is old college friends with Joy’s older sister and we had recently become friends with Joy when she moved to Los Angeles.  We went to one of her performances and thought it would be fun to work together.  Further, since we were going to be promoting somebody’s music as part of the game, we realized it would be cool if we got to promote one of our friends.

We emailed Joy in December, asking if she was interested in the idea.  We explained our whole plan — that we were going to do a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for Barrett to live on while he worked on the game full time.  If she wrote music for the game, we would pay her a percentage of the sales money.  She was really enthusiastic about the whole thing, said she wanted to do it, and she sent us the instrumental versions of some of her existing music, including the instrumental version of Lullaby, to see if any of it would work for the Teaser Trailer.  At that time, the non-instrumental version was available for download for free from her website.  Portions of the song were a great fit with the Teaser Trailer so in January we asked her if we could use it.  She emailed back: “Yes, of course!”  We made it clear this would be used for videos that would be on the Kickstarter page as well as our Steam Greenlight page.  At no point did she ever say that she wanted any compensation for our use of Lullaby, or that we could only use it for the duration of the Kickstarter campaign.

When we launched the Kickstarter campaign and the Steam Greenlight page, we emailed her several times with links to these pages.  We were super excited about how successful both campaigns were, and we excitedly gave Joy updates about how well it was going.  We also want to point out that we credited Joy at every opportunity, including in the info section for each YouTube video, on our Kickstarter main page, and everywhere else that we could.  We also talked about her at every opportunity, including during our Kickstarter video and in interviews with the press.  We were excited to promote Joy and her music.

On the last day of the Kickstarter campaign, we had a little party to celebrate.  Here is a picture of us with Joy at the party:

Throughout February and March, we emailed and talked with Joy several times about the terms of a contract for her to write an original score for Homesick.  We discussed a few different ideas of how to structure her compensation (what percentage she would get, etc), and she generally seemed really excited about it all.  At one point she proposed some terms we could not agree with.  When we told her that, she basically said it was no problem and she wanted to go with our proposal.  She said: “I’m absolutely in, and am fine with the agreements you guys had proposed.”  She said it was her friend that wrote up the terms we didn’t like: “I didn’t even write up the counter offers, [my friend] did, and like I told you on the phone, I’m not doing it for the financials, I just want to do the game because I really, really like you guys and I believe in the project!”

So we moved forward.  On March 22, we met with Joy and she played us some initial ideas she had for the music.  We talked about them and she said she would send us further ideas in a few weeks.  Well, weeks went by.  Weeks turned into months.  She never contacted us.  She left us without any music, and with no explanation.

We were left with no choice but to try and find a different composer.  Fortunately, we found one and it has been great working with our new composer.

In August when we signed a contract with the new composer, we did a post on Kickstarter about it.  We then emailed Joy the link to the post, to make sure she knew we had no hard feelings.  Joy wrote back, apologizing for not contacting us sooner, for not communicating, and for not staying on top of the project.  She told us she was having some personal issues.  She said she was “really happy you found a composer you are both excited about and it’s going well!  I really believe in the game and think its going to be a huge success.”  Well, we figured, sometimes people go through rough patches.  It happens.

Then a few weeks later, out of the blue, we get an email and voicemail from Joy, saying we didn’t credit her on Steam, saying she didn’t give us permission to use the song for Steam, and she doesn’t even know when we posted it.  To be honest, this seemed pretty strange since she knew about the Steam Greenlight page, we had emailed her links to the Steam page several times, we had even shown it to her in person, and we made it really clear back in January when we first asked if we could use her song that the Steam page would have videos on it with her song in it.  And the Youtube videos embedded on the Steam page clearly credit her.  We emailed her back explaining all this.  But over the next few weeks she sent us more emails insisting that we were somehow using her music without crediting her and without her permission.  We kept explaining that we didn’t understand what she was talking about.  Then she started demanding that we either pay her or take down all our videos.  And now she filed complaints with Youtube and Kickstarter and others, claiming that the videos contain copyright violations.

With the exception of trying to work with Joy, making this game has a been such an amazing experience.  It’s sad that someone who we considered our friend would end up abandoning us, and now come back with these false claims.  We love our trailer, we want it back.  We had a lot of free music options available to us, but we chose our friend Joy, and now all we feel is grief.

We’re sorry for dragging this out in the public but we felt like we needed to let you know what was going on.  We hope it will be resolved soon and we’ll keep you updated.


Barrett and Morgan