Homesick is Greenlit!

Steam announced on June 28th that Homesick was Greenlit by the Steam Community!  We are so excited!!  I know we keep saying this over and over again, but we have to say it again because it is so true – this is such a dream come true for us!  We are so excited to get to work with the folks at Valve and Steam, and to get to share our game with the Steam community.

Our experience being on Steam Greenlight has been 100% amazing.  Homesick was on Steam Greenlight for about six months,beginning in January, and during that period we received about 1,000 comments.  It was really fun and encouraging to get such positive feedback, and to get to connect with folks from all over the world.  We feel incredibly honored to have this opportunity, and are so grateful to everyone that voted for Homesick, posted comments, added us to a collection, wrote about us on so many cool websites, featured us in podcasts and youtube channels, and that has otherwise been supporting us in this really amazing process.

Thank you, thank you!