2nd Alpha – Ready for Testing!

We released a second Alpha of the game yesterday to our volunteer testers, and the feedback is already rolling in!

Our testers are seriously super awesome.  We are continually blown away by how supportive everyone has been, and by everyone, I mean complete strangers all around the planet that are so generously sharing their time and energy with us, finding bugs and giving us feedback, and encouraging us all along the way.  Thank you all, big time!

And we just have to share this, from one of our testers, because it pretty much blows our minds with awesomeness and excitement:

“This game is beautiful. You guys are doing an amazing job. This game will very likely be remembered as one of those hauntingly atmospheric experiences that stays with a player long after the game is finished.”

If you want to be a tester, but haven’t signed up yet – its not too late!  All our Kickstarter and paypal backers can volunteer to be testers, as well as anyone that Pre-Orders the game (click here to pre-order).  So let us know if you are interested, and we will send you all the details.